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So You’re “Trayvon Martin”, huh?

I have to admit…

Trayvon’s death, the verdict, and the public’s reaction really exposed, yet again, the status of this country’s racial issues. But that’s not all that it exposed, especially for those among us that are looking a little deeper.

Romany Malco, a familiar actor, addressed this Trayvon Martin topic from an interesting angle, and angle that taps into the deeper issue at hand…and one that WAY too many in the Afr. American community tend to overlook.

This music…

These ‘artists’…

Their videos…

The negative stereotypes they glorify…

…and our financial support that keeps it going.


How many of us were angry about Trayvon Martin being profiled for ‘looking suspicious’, yet spend 2 or 3 figures to hear, dress like, and attend concerts of artists that actually perpetrate (or even actually ARE) the very stereotype that we then turn around and resent?

Just about every so-called ‘urban’ song on mainstream radio is pretty much about saying “yes” to drugs, violence, loose sex, and various other criminally implicit acts…yet it somehow finds its way onto the same iPods of many who have posted InstaGrams of themselves wearing hoodies in homage to Trayvon Martin.

These pop culture caricatures that embody everything that we HATE for others to classify us as ironically seem to find an awful lot of support from us. We chant their lyrics in the halls of high schools, nod to their 808s and misogynistic hooks on the subway, and we even allow our daughters to soak up every promiscuous bedtime story with the Beats by Dre headphones they received on their birthday…   yet when they’re mistaken for the real thing by a vigilante with a hero complex – or just a police officer – we’re awestruck. “FOUL!”

Here’s the point…

Yup...pretty much.

Yup…pretty much.

If you don’t like the ‘criminal’ or ‘thug’ or stereotype, then stop supporting it. Stop buying it. Stop selling out its concerts. Stop buying it for your kids. Stop wishing your life was as fast and unpredictable. Just stop. It’s your money and attention that puts these stereotypes at the top of the Billboard charts, video rotation, and 8 o’clock news. It is YOUR support that exposes these stereotypes to employers, schools, police departments, nervous old ladies, and George Zimmermans who otherwise know nothing about you and anyone that looks like you. Support and push something different, something that wouldn’t have gotten Trayvon Martin followed that night in the first place.


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