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Red Flags: How To Avoid Bad Relationships

They say that you never really know someone until you’ve dated them. They also say that the best way to get to know somebody is to travel with them. Both methods are effective. But what about those of us who¬†don’t have the resources to survive yet another failed relationship; let alone the audacity to travel … Continue reading

On My Level – Part 2 :: Elitism in the Dating Game

I have witnessed and taken part in many discussions amongst young singles that have either directly or indirectly touched upon the issue of ‘eligibility’. Such discussions are often inaugurated by one or more women who are curious to uncover the thoughts and opinions of the men present. “So… I mean, what is it that guys … Continue reading

On My Level – Part 1 :: Delusions of Compatibility

It’s 2011. In this day and age, women of color (namely African American women) are making substantial progress in the corporate/professional arena. With respect to their careers, they are ascending to and beyond various milestones of success and realizing many of their goals. They are undoubtedly a growing formidable power in the workforce. With respect … Continue reading